TMNT Party

boys party kids birthday party tmnt party

Can I just say that I am so happy that TMNT made a come back! There's so much nostalgia in this theme for me, so when Amy asked if we could do it I was delighted to say yes! We decided to go light on all the store bought TMNT stuff and instead focus on a color theme.



Since the birthday boy's favorite character was Michelangelo, we decided to go with green and orange as the main colors. We found some little paper masks that we taped on to the goodie bags, which we filled with soft ninja stars and other fun TMNT toys. We topped them off with paper that matched the mask color (see pic). We added fun stripped and spotted napkins to the table settings and also placed TMNT masks on each plate. We sprinkled some TMNT confetti on all the tables and added some fun themed balloons throughout the space. Amy brought some finger food for the adults and we did pizza and adorable themed cupcakes for the kids. Thanks to Ali Wolfe for capturing all the magic in the below photos. I think it's safe to say this little guy enjoyed his big day and so did we!